Winners Bank200 Red

Red WinnersBank


The Winners Bank200 Red is one of the hottest lockable pocket banks for casino players to secure their cash and chips winnings. A great money management tool to limit your risk of giving back your stash of cash to the casino while playing your favorite slot machines or table games. It is made of durable light weight metal, fits in your pocket or purse and comes with two keys to secure your winnings. Savor that feeling you get when you hit that lucky streak and walk away feeling good know that your cash is safely locked away when you get home.

- Made of durable metal to last a long time.
- Measures 2 ¾ x 4 and fits in your pocket or purse.
- Comes with two keys and a convenient plunger for cash insertion
- Also holds casino chips.

At Showfor Inc., we stand behind our product and guarantee its quality.