AFFILIATE PARTNERSHIPWinnersBank200 Referral Affiliate:
The WinnersBank200 Referral Affiliate Partnerships, (Signup Details) offers you an opportunity to promote our popular, unique and needed product while earning a 15% commission on each converted sale. Our products are made from the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and are thus sturdy. This product is available through our website, and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures long term customer trust. We realize that advertising space on your Website is very important so we offer the 15% commission on all converted sales to give you a return on your website investment. 

The combination of our unique product, our Referral Affiliate partnerships, and our commitment to your success, makes the WinnersBank200 partnership a MUST!

Who Should Join Our Affiliate Referral Partnerships?

  • Sites targeting casino gaming.
  • Sites geared towards a global audience.
  • Sites with customers and subscribers that have demographics similar to ours.
  • Shopping sites, reward/loyalty sites.
  • Sites that feature professional looking, non-offensive/non-derogatory original content.

AFFILIATE is offering its product line at a discounted price to purchases of 10 banks or more and seeks to strengthen it's active international presence and Affiliate Referral Internet sales force worldwide. Our product line is potentially one of the biggest opportunities in the world, given that nearly every casino in every country have patrons that will want and need our product.

We are looking for companies or individuals with market expertise, financial strength and a track record of seizing profitable opportunities... and making the most of them. In return, we offer a quality product, an outstanding brand image, and backed by years of experience in the gaming industry.

If you are looking for superior product capabilities and a commitment to growing your own distributorship, look to WinnersBank200.  To start now and become a distributor, purchase 10 or more banks at a discounted price (10 - 19 total banks for $17.00 each and 20 or more total banks for $15.00 each) (ORDER NOW).

Casino Sales – distributors target casino needs
More and more casinos are focusing on responsible gaming; we've seen an increase in gambling across the country and throughout the world. The political climate is taking a turn to fix the problem before it reaches epidemic proportions. The WinnersBank200 gives the casinos an opportunity to do their part helping problem gamblers.


Showfor, Inc. offers a quantity discount incentive on Winners Bank200 purchases: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or more banks, so that you may resale the Winners Bank200 or give them as gifts.