FAQs - Winners Bank200 Usage

FAQs - Winners Bank200 Usage

It is a cassette-sized, metallic lock-box that allows the user to deposit gambling winnings through a tamper-proof slot. It will accept both bills and casino chips and cannot be opened without a key. It is effective because winnings remain in the lock box until the user opens it with the key at home.

The Winners Bank200 can hold as much as 20-25 bills. Just make sure you fold the bills in eights and put it in the same way. You can also fold two bills at once and deposit it.

Yes. The chip feature was specially designed for table games players (i.e. Blackjack and Pai-Gow).

The Winners Bank200 can accommodate 5-7 casino chips by themselves (given no other monetary units in combination with the chips).

That is one way to manage your money. Color up (change your chips to higher value chips~ five $5 chips to one $25 chip) and put away to the 'don't touch' pocket. This is fine if you really have the discipline not to take it back out and gamble with it. But as you know, many of us are ambidextrous and that chip is coming back out. With the Winners Bank200, once you put away the casino chip/chips, you are insured to go home with it.

It's better to come back to the casino with some chips compared to losing all your chips. This feature is optional and was designed to be able to put away some chips while winning. We've all been there where we were winning tons of chips because the dealer kept busting, but then the dealer got hot and we ended up losing all our chips. I recommend following the Money Management for Winners on the back of the slide card, so that you won't lose all your money in one session.

We don't expect you to break the rules and "rathole" the chips. Our advice would be if you are winning, take your cash that's in your pocket and put it away into your Winners Bank200. That way, if you end up losing your chips in front of you~ whether by bad beat or bad play~ you'll still have money instead of losing it all. If you continue winning, put away more money from your pocket into your Winners Bank200. After your session is over with a win and you cash your chips in, put your money in the Winners Bank200 right away to prevent losing it back in other casino games.


Showfor, Inc. offers a quantity discount incentive on Winners Bank200 purchases: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or more banks, so that you may resale the Winners Bank200 or give them as gifts.