Quantity Purchase

Quantity PurchaseShowFor Inc. is offering a discount incentive to customer who want to purchase 10 or more WinnersBank200s.  This bulk purchasing model was implemented to help the customer capture the benefits of economy of scale for himself by paying a lower price per unit in exchange for purchasing much larger quantities. This also allows the customer to be a reseller and satisfy more of his demands at a lower total cost by acquiring more use value per dollar spent.

A quantity discount is offered by ShowFor to enable the buyers to purchase in larger quantities and receive a more favorable purchase price.  The cost per WinnersBank200 is $26.95 per bank if less than 10 banks are ordered; $17.00 per bank if 10-19 banks are ordered; or $15.00 per bank if 20 or more banks are ordered.

The discount will be calculated once the appropriate amount of items have been added to your cart.